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About Us

Garrafas de vidro

Our main focus is the segment of sustainable cosmetics and cosmetics for animals (pet). 

The cosmetics area is essential for all of us because it takes care not only of our health, but mainly of our self-esteem and well-being. In addition to preventing diseases, it provides great social inclusion, employability and female empowerment.

The use of modern production techniques combined with increased productivity favors the practice of more accessible prices to the consumer.

Innovation and Technology

Our Purpose

Our Values

We understand that, most of the time, scientists develop products and services capable of revolutionizing the market, but, due to lack of strategic knowledge, they are unable to leave the field of research, open a company and make money from the business.

Thus, our objective is to offer the Personalized Open Innovation to companies interested in innovating in a personalized way, optimizing the management, production and commercialization processes of their products and services and to be a bridge between these companies and the innovation that is being produced in universities, research centers and startups.

Start2Mkt works:

  • Together with the boards of directors and management regarding the development of aspects related to R&D&I.

  • In the management of intellectual property, logistics and innovation until the launch in the national and international markets.

  • In support of product development and testing.

  • In commercial strategies, leveraging the company in the market.


To be an agent of innovation for our customers, acting as a link between needs and solutions involving sustainable technologies.


To be a reference, in up to 5 years, for small and medium-sized companies in the implementation of open innovation.


Focus on Innovation.

Commitment to customer needs.

Agility and respect for deadlines.

Absolute respect for intellectual property.

Transparency in relationships.

Observance and respect for social, environmental and business sustainability.

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