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Start innovating in a personalized way, optimizing the management, production and marketing processes of your company´s products and services, with a focus on sustainable cosmetics.

Yes, innovation is for your company!

Innovating and evolving is crucial to stay in such a competitive market, but investing in innovation often seems impossible for your business.

We, at Start2Mkt, have already helped dozens of companies in the cosmetic segment to restructure their products and processes.

Innovation throughout the Production Process

Always up to date with the main trends in research and the beauty and wellness industry, we have the expertise to support your team throughout the development and innovation process, from the creation of new lines, supply chain, products and processes to actions marketing and market launch.

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Expertise, Qualification and Quality

Our team of experts is made up of researchers, entrepreneurs, scientists and doctors who also work as consultants and are well acquainted with the Research, Development and Innovation market, in addition to having the expertise to support companies that have innovation as a strategy for their business.

State-of-the-art Technologies

We work with companies in the cosmetic segment helping to restructure their products and processes, using the most modern technologies that are present in startups, research centers and universities, and building a bridge with these entities for partnership projects.

Start2Mkt Partners

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